Kevin Mellen

Suit Up with TuffWrap

Creative Mellen has worked with TuffWrap over the years to develop marketing campaigns that help build some buzz and connect with their audiences. This year, we extended last year’s superhero campaign to speak directly to their customers.

The overall campaign theme “Suit Up with TuffWrap” focused on the benefits of partnering with TuffWrap for interior protection projects and how these benefits relate to each type of customer. Based on data from last year’s campaign and client insights, we created a cast of superheroes, based on their customer’s specific persona.

Personas were broken into four major categories.

  • Targeting roofing contractors and consultants, we created Captain Construction, who uses interior protection to successfully complete projects by keeping facilities clean and safe.
  • Focusing on influencers (architects and designers), we established the Design Mastermind as the one who specifies containment solutions upfront to avoid project problems.
  • Aiming at end users such as facility managers, we launched the Managing Marvel because this is the person who understands all facets of a construction project, overseeing all the details ensuring all goes as expected.
  • Centering on general contractors and engineers, we developed the Protection Powerhouse, whose number one priority is protecting products, property, and people during construction.

For these customer personas, we created superhero-type characters they could relate to. We characterize them as “everyday” heroes. Illustrated by our talented partner Paul Lange, these characters represent the cross-section of those customers who would benefit from TuffWrap’s services and products. This approach allows TuffWrap to market each type of customer directly and highlight TuffWrap’s interior protection as an essential part of the construction project.

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