Wellness Director / Co-owner


distressed leopard dog toy

Sandie, a rescue from RAGOM, joined Creative Mellen in 2018. An expert in relieving stress and teaching mindfulness, she helps us focus, connect with nature, and even take time to play. Petting her soft coat helps soothe everyday worries, and her curious and patient demeanor teaches us how important mindfulness can be in your daily work life. With her kind eyes, gently wagging tail, and friendly vocal greeting—that sounds a lot like Chewbacca’s throaty gurgle—Sandie makes employees and visitors alike feel right at home at Creative Mellen. Just don’t get between her and her favorite toys!

Package design award has gone to the dogs

Graphic Design USA recognized Creative Mellen with a 58th Anniversary American Package Design Award™ for its work with Mission Meats and their new brand of premium dog treats, Prosperity Pets….

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