BluPrairie Technologies


Blu Prairie logo orange arch through white cloud in blue circle

The Creative Brief

Launching a new, cloud-based tech company in the Midwest can be a difficult proposition in today’s market. However, with the vision of founder Michelle Bates and strategy partner Meld, Creative Mellen helped create an identity and online experience that positioned BluPrairie as a premier Midwest company focusing on a people-first approach to cloud technology. This allowed Creative Mellen to focus its efforts on highlighting their strategic partners and the experts of BluPrairie.

The Strategy

The name BluPrairie was derived from the founder’s Midwest roots and its focus of bringing cloud technology to this market. We created an identifiable tech-cloud symbol and infused a rolling hill of the prairie. It’s this intersection of their Midwest roots and cloud technology that makes BluPrairie who they are.

BluPrairie’s online presence also needed to reflect these roots, but more importantly, highlight the importance of a solid design strategy and the services and partners that can help achieve this. With that in mind, we created a dynamic website that guided users through those messages. We used design elements that physically draw the user to the information as they scroll through the site. It’s these interconnected elements that represent the strategy and people-first approach that BluPrairie uses. Messaging such as “Geek Speak” and “Tech Speak” were segmented for those specific audiences wishing to learn more. And last but not least, we incorporated staff pages that highlight not only expertise but their Midwest background and personality. After all, their people-first approach starts with BluPrairie.