Dev Iowa Logo is a computer monitor showing the map of Iowa with a search glass over Iowa City

The Creative Brief

Dev/Iowa is a University of Iowa Outreach and Engagement program through the Office of Research and Economic Development helping grow Iowa’s technical community with targeted technology training and events. With events taking place across the state, an identity was needed to not only identify the program but help promote it.


The Strategy

Dev/Iowa training opportunities include weekend and evening workshops and an intensive bootcamp. Community events include guest speakers, meet ups, and hack events. Classes and events are open to anyone interested in building their development skills and connection to the tech community.

We decided to create an identity that focused on the program’s technical aspects. The monitor screen makes up the state of Iowa with the “focus” on coding language. We developed the badge to encompass these elements and brand not only the overall program but allow for event specific language to be added, such as the bootcamp. The badge also allowed for laptop stickers—an opportunity for simple giveaways to help market the program to other like-minded people in the state.

The icon style of this new identity also supports other iconography that helps market the workshops in a consistent, branded way. We developed posters, digital and print ads, and other materials to create an overall brand identity that would relate to its audience at any skill level.