Fan Food


Fan Food logo/icon of popcorn container with popcorn, soda, and #1 finger spilling out the top

The Creative Brief

Fan Food is a startup focusing on improving the fan experience through mobile concession ordering and delivery. During its process of the business plan and app creation, Creative Mellen was contacted to help develop an identity that focused on their overall brand, including how that identity could be used as an app icon.


The Strategy

The Fan Food platform allows for ordering concessions directly from your smartphone. It also empowers stadiums to build a better fan experience. During its inception, Fan Food dreamed of not only food being ordered but also other types of memorabilia that support the fan experience.

With this in mind, the name of the initial app was called Fan Food Plus (+). To emphasize this, we focused on symbolism universal to the fan experience. Whether that experience is at a high school, college, or NFL game, a foam finger, drinks, and popcorn is easily recognizable. These items typically purchased at the stadium help encompass that fan experience. Using similar styling and color of mascot logos, we combined these elements in a unique and functional way, allowing for certain elements to be separated for other uses including a simple app icon.