The Creative Brief

GentlemenCare is a premium men’s accessory label that invokes the nostalgia of the 1930s. With a goal to provide the highest quality, premium men’s accessory items at an affordable price, GentlemenCare aims to bring back the chivalrous, charismatic, and philanthropic qualities they believe have largely disappeared from our society. Creative Mellen was hired to create an identity inspired by the 1930s to brand its products.


The Strategy

A true gentleman takes time to give back. Cognizant of the world around him, he understands that personal rewards are as equal as professional ones. Whether it’s holding the door, donating time to charity, or the simple act of paying it forward; GentlemenCare’s intent is to empower their customers to take time to give back.

With this in mind, we helped GentlemenCare create a brand tagline that communicates not only the meaning behind their name, but the mission it invokes. The tagline, “Where giving back never goes out of style,” highlights the company’s brand message and its focus on quality leather products. We then styled an identity that features a moniker and banner that can be used to brand their products in a modern, yet classic style. The 1930s typography reflects a time when being chivalrous was part of society. We created other icons derived from the identity to brand certain products and give flexibility to the brand.