e-Discovery Start-Up Transformed

The Creative Brief

A new startup created an easy-to-use, digital platform that allows users to scan a multitude of existing paper documents and combine them with current digital assets into one instantly searchable database. Specifically focused on clients such as law firms, this cloud-based system is like having your own search engine. Being an Iowa-based startup and incorporating the state bird—a goldfinch—GoldFynch was formed. In need of an identity, Creative Mellen “flew” in to help.


The Strategy

e-Discovery is a legal-industry term that reflects the ever-increasing amount of data involved in preparing for a case—potentially millions of documents in varying file types need to be reviewed for each case, including emails, memos, bank accounts, spreadsheets, diagrams, etc. Some industry-specific features for the legal field such as a super-fast Bates Number search and upload alerts for missing Bates Numbers were requested, but the majority of GoldFynch’s e-Discovery features are universal.

We wanted to keep GoldFynch’s identity universal in terms of their potential growing customer base. So, we focused on what makes their service/product unique—taking what is typically either a paper or digital document and packaging it into a easy-to-use, searchable database. Our team created an origami-like goldfinch character to represent this idea. This character allowed this young startup’s personality to show through while still communicating their unique offerings. Paired with a simple modern typeface, GoldFynch stands out in a crowded digital marketplace that appeals to all audiences.