Shaping Cybersecurity

The Creative Brief

ProCircular is a cybersecurity and compliance firm providing realistic, actionable, and expert guidance to organizations looking to improve their security readiness, meet regulatory commitments, and address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. ProCircular partnered with Creative Mellen to develop a website experience that better represented their brand, services, and markets.


The Outcome


ProCircular’s expertise and hands-on approach provide insights and practical recommendations to keep businesses safe and secure. This, along with their desire to obtain additional leads, was a key focus on the website structure development. Working with ProCircular, we developed a mega menu that organized services based on clients’ needs, giving fundamental context to the services they provide. Each service page is paired with customer testimonials, giving potential clients a sense of quality and reinforcing how their services are built around people. This same approach is used within each industry page along with facts that help educate the importance of cybersecurity.

The overall website design focuses on the dynamic culture and personal relationship aspects through imagery and animated color shifting throughout the site. The animation helps reinforce the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity and how ProCircular can help their clients adapt to this change. Additional items such as White Papers and Case Studies are integrated with Hubspot to create a seamless lead generation tool that is used for email and event campaigns.


ProCircular now has an online platform that reinforces not only what they do but how and why it is beneficial for potential clients. Their brand is now clearly defined and is built for a better user experience to learn more and engage directly with its team. User engagement has increased by 20% since launch.

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