TuffWrap® Installations

Cover Your Assets

The Creative Brief

TuffWrap® is an innovative dust and debris containment company providing interior protection solutions to a variety of industries undergoing construction projects across the county. Their patented products and on-staff installers create a unique offering in the market. TuffWrap® reached out to Creative Mellen to better communicate the reasons their products are superior and the benefits they can provide for their customers. To best reach their target audiences, Creative Mellen developed direct mail campaigns, print advertising, an overview brochure, trade show materials, and swag items.


The Strategy

After researching the customer base at TuffWrap® and the markets they serve, we noticed most competitors and other brands focus only on what they do. We wanted to lead with messaging that focused on how TuffWrap can actually protect their customers’ bottom line. With this in mind, we created specific, branded messages that generated powerful, thought-provoking statements. Aligning these messages with elements of their identity, we developed a design platform to consistently portray elements throughout their sales cycle.

Another important aspect of redesigning these elements was to stand out in the market. Most marketing and advertising in the construction market is dark, rugged, and full of content. Building off the powerful messaging, we focused the design on a clean and sophisticated look. Not only does this allow TuffWrap to stand out in the market, but it reinforces how their product and services keep their customers’ assets free from debris and contamination.