The University of Iowa School of Music


Headphone with sound wave between them icon

The Creative Brief

The University of Iowa School of Music offers comprehensive and life-changing academic, performance, and leadership opportunities for students who are passionate about music. While a new state-of-the-art facility was being built, the school wanted a viewbook that highlighted not only current attributes but the school’s new facility and future endeavors.


The Strategy

To help highlight the new, state-of-the-art facility being built and what that would mean for a prospective student, we developed a theme that allowed students to visualize themselves taking “center stage” at the school. This strategic message allowed us to highlight not only the future facility and how it might impact students but also on the rigorous education in music they would receive.

The design uses a strong contrast of the University of Iowa’s brand colors, easily digestible areas of content, and layered imagery to enhance the diverse nature of the program. Profiles throughout help highlight the personal attributes of the program even though it’s within a B1G 10 University. Another main feature of the viewbook is the noteworthy facts spread, which highlights the school’s main attributes in a quick and easy to read format.