Well Focused Health


The Creative Brief

Well Focused needed a brand that focused on it’s unique offerings of integrative nursing, Pancha Karma treatments, and therapeutic yoga. Whether clients are suffering from anxiety, interrupted sleep, or a chronic health issue, Well Focused helps achieve wellness through personalized plans that fit into existing health care treatments. Creative Mellen was tasked to brand Well Focused as a contemporary healthcare business with nursing expertise.


The Strategy

We developed an identity for Well Focused that communicates the holistic approach to health care, blending traditional and emerging health care interventions. To reinforce this “focus,” we incorporated photo-like brackets that frame a traditional health care symbol. While the primary color uses the traditional “health care blue,” we applied a colorful secondary palette throughout the brand, including the identity itself. Unique signage, colorful business cards, and custom packaging for their products using the design elements and shapes provide a customized and consistent approach to the brand.

We developed a website design that incorporates simple animation to communicate how Well Focused can help patients and clients. Since Well Focused’s services are unique, we highlighted each with an at-a-glance image and description for a quick, easy user interface. Each section applies the secondary palette and easy-to-navigate mobile menu. This approach supports the brand messaging of contemporary healthcare and nursing.

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