Westwinds Real Estate


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The Creative Brief

Westwinds Real Estate helps people buy, build, or sell a home or find rental properties. They also specialize in property investments and HOA management. With all these services, Creative Mellen helped Westwinds refine their brand messaging and design a new website that would allow easy navigation for buyers, sellers, and renters.


The Strategy

We worked with Westwinds Real Estate to help define their brand as professional, personal, and practical. These attributes define how they make buying, selling, renting, or investing in property easy. We used this strategy as the foundation for a site design that was also professional, easy to use, and allowed for personal interactions with the company. Another important element we wanted to incorporate was to quickly show users their numerous services.

We used a clean and modern menu through all devices (including desktop) to allow the calls to action and content to take center stage. Our design focused on those who would use the website the most—buyers for homes and rental properties, while still clearly allowing users to navigate to their other services.  We accomplished this with property photos and iconography helping users quickly identify which service they might need. Other features used throughout the site include property listing integration, image gallery, news & events, and staff profiles.

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