Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 12/1/23

We don’t track our visitors; we welcome them.

This website does not place third-party cookies or any other hidden data in your web browser. This includes no analytics, social media, advertising, or customization cookies. Verify our cookie-free website here.

The contact form collects name, phone, email, and any other information provided. This data is sent directly to Creative Mellen via email and is never stored on our website or on a third-party host.

We do not share any data we collect. We will only use the contact form data for business correspondence. You can opt out of receiving emails at any time by contacting us directly or unsubscribing.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email us at or by mail to: Creative Mellen, 24-1/2 S Clinton St, Suite 2, Iowa City, IA 52240