Desk Buddy


The Creative Brief

Desk Buddy startup focused on expanding desk space in lecture halls everywhere. This engineered product used strong but lightweight plastic with an easily adjustable attachment point. Creative Mellen helped not only brand and design the packaging but also developed the best type of packaging for the most impact when displayed.


The Strategy

Desk Buddy’s unique offering was the product itself. It was important to create cost-effect packaging that showed the product in a way that the user could pick-up and touch. With this in mind, we created a cardboard wrap that encompassed the product. The cutout helps hold the product centered within its opening and allows the dimensional attachment point to show through.

Once we had a viable and affordable packaging solution, we developed an identity and design that would appeal to users of the device but also be relevant to those who might purchase this solution to upgrade their entire classroom. We created the logo to highlight the product’s purpose. The imagery and callouts quickly identify its benefits. With retail shelf being a premium, we ensured these elements were designed with that audience in mind.