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D. C. Taylor Co. is a roofing contractor with more than six decades of experience servicing commercial and industrial properties. They have the knowledge and capabilities to help with roofing repairs, installation, and maintenance. D. C. Taylor contracted with Kevin Mellen to help them reach specific audiences with direct mail that would highlight their services and remind current and new clients of their repair and maintenance programs.

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A Standout in the Mail

Direct Mail Design
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In collaboration with D. C. Taylor, we identified six audiences we wanted to reach and the knowledge or decision-making power they had. This allowed us to tailor each message based on the service or product offered. Since a few people would receive multiple mailers, we recommended a series of mailers that could be used independently or together.

Images of roofing are challenging and overused within the industry. In order to stand-out in the mail, we wanted to create something striking and interactive—something customers would have to open. With these ideas in mind, we created a series of visually appealing mailers tailored to each message. With only the punctuation symbol on the cover, the brochures begged users to slide them open to learn more. Each one slides out to the D. C. Taylor logo and the message that would resonate with the target audiences.

This award-winning mailer created quite a buzz with those who received it and allowed D. C. Taylor to communicate with a specific group of customers they might not have reached otherwise.

DC Taylor mailers with Question Mark and Exclamation Mark pullouts