Focus by Discerning Eye

Finding a New Look

The Creative Brief

Since first opening its doors, Discerning Eye has prided itself on its focus on its customers and offerings of curated eyewear. In 2016, Discerning Eye moved to a larger location allowing them to develop a new concept—Focus by Discerning Eye—offering quality frames that are friendly to your face and your wallet. During the planning phase of this new concept, Creative Mellen was brought in to help develop the overall brand look for both signage and its retail space.


The Strategy

Focus by Discerning Eye offers online pricing with in-person service. Their target market, primarily teenagers and young adults, is an important element to the approach we took with the design that needed to work seamlessly with Discerning Eye’s overall brand.

Inspired by frames used within their overall brand, we used different style frames as the base of the overall design of Focus. To appeal to a younger audience, we used icon-styled faces to highlight different styles of glasses and used them with different messages throughout the store’s interior and exterior signage. This graphic approach allows this audience to quickly identify with the overall brand of Discerning Eye and Focus.

The retail space needed wayfinding and point-of-purchase branding throughout its new location as well. Icon-styled faces and fun eye chart graphics were used to lead customers to the downstairs location. We also developed wallpaper of icon-styled frames to create a bright and energetic focal point in the space.

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