Packaging with Just a Flip

split wood logs

The Creative Brief

EvenFlip co-founders Jim Archambeau and Mark Reimer developed and engineered a one-of-kind cooking device for camp fires that allows your food to safely remain flat while holding it over the fire. This unique device then “flips” upon a safe and simple rotation of the handle. To help bring their product to market, Creative Mellen ideated ways to design their packaging within retail environments.


The Strategy

EvenFlip’s flipping feature is the main differentiator in this market. We wanted to create packaging that would really stand out on the shelf, but also allow customers to “test drive” the device. To maximize surface area of their branding, we developed packaging that ran the length of the device with the ends open to allow for EvenFlip to be fully functional. A simple, clear-hang tag attaches to the backside of the package, creating a simple, complete solution for all retail situations.

After researching the camping market, we saw that most brands feature dark packaging. We designed brighter packaging and included messaging to encourage customers to try out the device. Simple imagery demonstrates how all types of food lies flat over the fire.