Iowa Food Hub


The Creative Brief

The Iowa Food Hub (IFH) is an innovative, nonprofit working to connect farmers, families, and food grown close to home. IFH is part of Midwest Farm Fresh, serving Iowa and parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Creative Mellen was tasked to create an identity that could be used for both entities, highlighting their differences with color and location.


The Strategy

The primary mission of both the Iowa Food Hub and Midwest Farm Fresh is to connect farm to table with services such as the food box program, delivery services, and helping famers market and deliver food to schools, institutions, and grocery stores. Creative Mellen used a weather vein to communicate the overall farm market with the fork to identify the “table” and direction the farmers will take in growing their marketshare. This symbolism is easily recognizable to all audiences within the food-chain market. The nonconforming typography mimics old barn advertising and the natural aspect of its product. Combined, this allowed us to create a platform whereby both entities could use the same symbolism and type treatment to create a familiar yet distinct brand family.