Iowa Cancer Consortium

Working Together to Conquer Cancer

Iowa Cancer Consortium logo is different size dots making the shape of Iowa connected by lines

The Creative Brief

The Iowa Cancer Consortium is a statewide nonprofit coalition of health care providers, public health professionals, caregivers, researchers, cancer survivors, volunteers, and advocates working together to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa. After updating their brand messaging, Creative Mellen was asked to redesign the consortium identity to better match who they have become.


The Strategy

For more than 10 years, the Iowa Cancer Consortium has been collaborating with members to overcome the burden of cancer in Iowa. Now a leader in Iowa cancer control, the consortium sought an identity to match this characteristic as well as the valued partnerships from experts across the state, including volunteers, survivors, caretakers, and the general public. It’s this partnership and collaboration that we wanted to convey in the new identity. We created a logo that features the state’s population and the members of the consortium who link together to fight this disease. The symbolism of stopping cancer from entering our state is also represented in an abstract form. These elements give meaning to its overall brand message while making a memorable mark.

The identity needed to be used in multiple mediums, including swag, banners, and digital explanations to share the message and gain new partnerships across the state. Having a new, contemporary identity in place allows the consortium to provide their partners with a clear, up-to-date message that positions them as a caring, professional, and innovative organization.