Health Path Clinic

A Path to Well-being

The Creative Brief

Creative Mellen, in partnership with Sculpt, was asked to help name and brand a new family planning and reproductive health clinic in Johnson County providing affordable, comprehensive, and confidential health care regardless of ability to pay, in a supportive and safe environment for all groups of people.


The Outcome


As part of the brand workshop, we developed attributes that defined how the clinic would serve the community. With these attributes, we worked with Johnson County Public Health to develop a name for the clinic called Health Path. The clinics name refers to its mission of providing guidance, connections, and reproductive health services to all no matter where people are on their path to well-being. The people-centric icon in the shape of a medical cross represent health in the community and how they intersect in a positive way. Additional messaging, tagline, and primary-colored imagery help the brand represent the diverse population the clinic serves.


The clinic was introduced to the public through location signage, handouts, and social media. The colorful, people-centric brand stands out to all groups of the community including non-English speaking clients and positions the clinic as a more inclusive space than the typical sterile healthcare atmosphere.