Ardon Creek Winery

Crafting Memories that Matter Most

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Ardon Creek Winery partnered with Kevin Mellen and web development partner Big Imprint to help highlight their well-crafted, storied wines. The goals of the new website were to leverage the “local formula” of a family-owned Iowa winery and expand to additional markets throughout the midwest.

Wines that tell a story.

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We partnered with the Ardon Creek Winery team to learn about their history, how they craft each wine, and their future goals for bringing their product to a wider audience. With this knowledge, we recommended an updated architecture and marketing message that encompassed their brand.

Each wine is featured as part of a story with supporting background photography, key attributes, and the option to purchase online. Big Imprint integrated Vinoshipper’s e-commerce platform directly into each of these storied wines.

A timeline of Ardon Creek’s history was designed to highlight key years that support their family’s Irish heritage and their dedication to their high-quality wines.