Urban Acres Real Estate

Brand Local. Buy Fresh.

Urban Acres Real Estate is an independent, agent-owned company in Johnson County, Iowa. They take ownership and pride in what they do, and it all goes back to the community and the people who call it home. To highlight this commitment in the community, they partnered with Kevin Mellen to develop a free and fun reusable farmers market bag.

Drawing a fun and distinct view of community

Design & Layout
Creative Direction

Urban Acres Real Estate agents live in the communities they serve. In an effort to market and give back in these areas, they wanted to create a fun reusable bag to hand out at the local farmer’s markets that would stand out in the crowd.

With this in mind, we developed several different concepts that focused on community. The selected approach was a fun, whimsical map illustrated by designer Conrad Hellman. The illustration highlights the unique attributes of each area, from University Heights well-known speed limit enforcement to the production of cereal in Cedar Rapids. 

This distinct visual map is juxtaposed with the bold orange sides of the Urban Acres logo, which helps the brand standout at the farmers market, local shop, or neighborhood event.