Mattie Giglio Voiceover

Creating a Unique Brand Voice

Mattie Giglio provides commercial voiceover for TV, radio, audiobooks, and more. In partnership with Actors’ Sound Advice and Mattie, Kevin Mellen helped develop a personal brand that focuses solely on his voiceover talent and style.

A dynamic brand with a unique voice.

Branding & Identity
Website Design
Custom Animation
On-site SEO

Mattie was updating his voiceover demo reel and wanted to provide a professional and branded platform that producers would appreciate and recognize. Actors’ Sound Advice Producer and Coach Kate McClanaghan emphasized that Mattie’s style of voice and name should be the focus. “Producers are looking for the right voice, not other attributes of the person or voiceover cliches”, says McClanaghan. This allowed us to focus on a contemporary and modern approach to his brand, specifically based on his voiceover style.

Matties VO style can be described as dynamic, upbeat, and progressive, with an interesting mid-to-low-end voice. This led us to craft a modern typography treatment that flows into the word voiceover. The bright blue gradation also adds to this flow and highlights his range with custom animation. Whether his name is reversed out in the flood of color or filled with it, it creates a dynamic and modern feel that compels producers to listen.