Napa Valley Education Foundation

Empower Students. Transform the Community.


The Napa Valley Education Foundation (NVEF) supports the dreams of more than 18,000 students in Napa County, California. They provide critical programs to help support the school district in music and arts, health and wellness, career preparation, and teacher innovation grants. In an effort to continue and expand these programs, NVEF worked with Kevin Mellen to create an appeal campaign that outlines the needs of the county.

Appeal Campaign

Making an appeal for student success.

Campaign Strategy
Appeal Concepting
Design Appeal Materials

Napa Valley Education Foundation (NVEF) had never done a comprehensive campaign appeal to its different audiences. We helped develop messaging that communicates the benefits to not only students but to the wider community. The “Empowering Students, Transform the Community” campaign theme is represented in a circle treatment to show the cycle and impact of these programs.

A bookmark sidebar was developed to symbolize student programs. This bookmark becomes an identifiable icon that is used throughout all communications. Additional colors can be applied to this icon to highlight specific programs or needs as the campaign expands.

The full campaign and all its elements help create a cohesive yet flexible messaging platform to empower donors and students of Napa County.