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A Capital Campaign at Center Stage

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As Theatre Cedar Rapids (TCR) heads into its second century, their need to develop underutilized and inaccessible spaces is key to continuing and expanding their vibrant performing arts center to be welcoming to all. TCR asked Kevin Mellen to help develop an overall capital campaign design to communicate the need to the community.

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When launching their capital campaign, Theatre Cedar Rapids (TCR) needed a creative way to communicate their facility upgrade needs. We worked with OPN Architects on specific renderings to highlight different spaces for potential donors to easily understand. These color-coded spaces and floor plan icons are used throughout all of the communications.

Colorful overlays help highlight the vibrant theatre experiences that are already making an impact. The depth created in these overlays and the bold and retro typography bridge the gap between the old and the new. This, paired with the new renderings and floor plan icons, helps frame the vision for what’s needed in the next 100 years.

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