SPAM™ Town Sliders

Softball with Sizzle


SPAM™ Town Sliders, located in Austin, Minnesota, is a slow-pitch adult softball team that competes in the USA Softball Association across the country. They engaged Kevin Mellen to help develop a fun, professional identity that provides flexibility for hats, uniforms, and helmets.

Combining SPAM™ and softball.


SPAM®, headquartered in Austin, Minnesota, is known as SPAM™ Town. The Sliders softball team, also located in Austin, wanted a unique logo that combines the essence of SPAM with the competitiveness of adult slow pitch softball.

We developed an identity that uses the distinct shape of the SPAM can while a softball rises from inside. A fun illustrative character by Paul Lange slides out of the letterforms to give dimension and movement. These elements combine seamlessly to form a professional sports identity that highlights their hometown.