Creating an Online Evolution

CourseLeaf is an intelligent, adaptive, and evolutionary curricular management software system for higher education across the United States and Canada. For over 25 years they’ve developed the easiest, most accurate, and safest system on the market. Embarking on an updated brand they needed Creative Mellen to help convey this expertise and allow users to engage with the CourseLeaf community online.


Client centered software.

Web Design
Web Development
Custom Illustrations

The strategy for the new CourseLeaf website was developed in three stages. Reviewing their new brand messaging, we helped develop a simple but effective navigation structure to guide and engage both new and existing users. Then the challenge was to convey the different software modules they offer in a way that could be packaged as one system but purchased individually. Finally we needed a unique visual way to set CourseLeaf apart from the competition.

With the new strategy and plan in place, we helped develop and design a dynamic website that engages users to each component as they scroll. These animated leaves were also paired with a set of art-directed illustrations developed by Paul Lange. Creative Mellen worked with Paul to develop specific illustrations that helped convey certain aspects of the software and their benefits (shown above). Other software-specific illustrations were created by Creative Mellen to highlight specific features of the modules (shown below). Finally, unique rollover and display boxes allow for an engaging and compact layout for easy use on desktop or mobile. In the end all these elements allowed the online experience to evolve CourseLeaf’s messaging into the future.

Software Features Symbols