Mission Meats

Meat Snacks That Give Back

Mission Meats Cow Horn Icon

Mission Meats  provides healthy meat snacks while fostering positive relationships with each other and nature. They source only the finest, 100% grass-fed beef for their meat snacks and give 10% of their profits to social-good organizations. It’s with this “mission” that Kevin Mellen helped develop their brand and packaging.

Mission Meats Logo

A brand that lives its mission.

Brand Identity
Brand Creative
Package Design
Custom Icons / Illustrations

When we learned how Mission Meats empowers others by supporting social-good organizations with 10% of their profits, our primary strategy was to convey them as a healthy meat snack company with compassion. Based on client collaboration, we used the iconic look of the Trinity Knot, symbolizing love, honor, and protection. Our modern interpretation incorporated a textured font and natural color scheme with a rotated knot, characterizing the “pouring out” of this love. The logo we created represents the meaning behind the company’s name and a company whose focus is natural meat.

Another important component of Mission Meats is their use of 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised, clean meat and all-natural ingredients. After researching the meat snack market, we developed a series of package designs that helps consumers distinguish between product types whether sold in stores or online. Now an Amazon Best Seller, Mission Meats is indeed the clean meat snack that gives back.